6 Big Reasons to Hire Our Team to Protect Your Equity

If you're thinking about selling your home and want to protect your equity, watch this video! Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring us, the Dwight Streu Real Estate Team, to help you sell your home. First, we sell over 10 times as many homes as the average agent, which means we can do more to get your home sold. We have two full-time marketers on our staff to ensure your home is being marketed aggressively through multiple media platforms. We also offer a guarantee to buy your home back if buyers don't love it, which can give your home a competitive edge over others. Second, we have buyers in waiting, and we spend thousands of dollars a month marketing to buyers. Third, your home is far more likely to sell when you hire us. Fourth, your home will sell faster. Fifth, you'll get more money. And sixth, when you hire our team, you're helping to support the local community because we donate a portion of our commission to local charities

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