How to Avoid Owning 2 Homes

Let's talk about some options you may want to consider if you're planning to buy another home but you have a home you need to sell as well. 

Without question, the real estate catch-22 is one of the most common challenges people have when they want to make a move.  Should you sell first or buy first? Well, each comes with its own unique risk.  You see, if you buy first but then can't sell your home, well now, you're stuck with two homes and that gets expensive quickly.  Plus, most people simply cannot get the financing required to carry two homes, so for many, that is not even an option.  Now you could choose to sell first and then buy,  but what happens if you can't find a home you like once you sold yours?  Do you buy a home you really don't like?  Well, probably not a good option.  You could always rent a home but the double move adds extra expense, and what if you can't find a rental that meets your needs?  So there you have it,  buy first or sell first, the real estate catch-22. 

Well, the good news is, we've solved this dilemma with our guaranteed home sale program. With our guaranteed sale program we will give you the offer to buy your home if it hasn't sold by the time you need to buy your new home.  This way, you can take your time shopping for your new home and make sure you find the perfect home. And once you find it,  you can go ahead and buy it, knowing you already have an offer on your current home from us. So why would I want to buy your home you ask?  Well, quite frankly I don't want to buy your home and in all likelihood, I won't buy your home. You see, the marketing program I've put together over the past 30-plus years, has proven to be overwhelmingly successful in even the worst real estate markets. 
So I have an extremely high degree of confidence that we will sell your home and I won't have to buy it.  But if I do, I will and I'll put it in writing.  

For more information on how you can avoid owning two homes, you can visit or call my office direct at 780-462-5002 and order a copy of the free report we put together on how to avoid getting stuck with two homes.

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