Essential Home Buying and Moving Tips for Pet Parents!

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Buying a home and moving can pose unique challenges and considerations for pet parents. You have to find the perfect home for yourself and your pets. Additionally, you have to make the relocation as comfortable as possible. To help you achieve this, we have outlined a couple of home-buying and moving tips for pet parents!

Gradually Transition to Your New Home

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Moving to a new place can be a big shake-up for your pets, so the gradual transition is a must-do. It's like a soft landing instead of a sudden jump. Start by picking a pet-friendly room in your new home, like a cozy corner or a spare bedroom. This will be their space while you unpack the chaos. Give them all their familiar things – beds, toys, food bowls – so it feels like home sweet home from day one. Now, the key is to take it slow. Open up one room at a time for your pet to explore. Don't rush it; let them get comfy and used to the new smells and sounds.

When it's mealtime, stick to their usual schedule and food. Consistency is comforting. Keep up with their daily routines as much as possible – walks, playtime, and snuggle sessions. And speaking of snuggles, show them extra love. Pets thrive on attention, especially when everything's changing. So, cuddle up, give them pats, and assure them you're in it together.

Secure Balconies and Stairs

Balconies can be a high-risk zone for pets, especially if they're curious or adventurous. So, install sturdy railings or screens to keep your pets from taking any daring leaps. Now, let's talk about stairs. Pets, especially those with little legs, can easily trip or tumble on unfamiliar staircases. To avoid acrobatic mishaps, consider adding baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. These barriers will keep your pets safe while they get used to the new terrain. You don't want to worry about your pet's safety constantly! So, invest a bit of time and effort into these simple precautions, and you can focus on creating a loving, safe environment for your furry friend in your new home. Plus, you'll both be able to explore your new space without any unexpected tumbles.

Pack an Essentials Box When Moving with a Pet

When you're gearing up for a big move with your furry friend, don't forget the essentials box. Start with the basics: their favourite food, bowls, and plenty of fresh water. Moving can be thirsty work! Throw in a couple of their go-to toys to keep them entertained during those inevitable moments of chaos. Don't skimp on their medications if they have any, and don't forget their leash or harness for those bathroom breaks and outdoor explorations.

Here's a clever trick: pack a comfy blanket or towel with your scent on it. It's like a security blanket that wraps them in the warmth of home even when home is in boxes. Let them sleep in comfort even amid moving madness. Lastly, just in case, include their medical records and contact info for their vet. 

Find Pet-Friendly Moving Companies

Pet-friendly moving companies are specialized moving services that cater to the needs and safety of your furry companions during the relocation process. To determine if a company is truly pet-friendly:

● Start by checking its online reviews and website.

● Look for mentions of their willingness to accommodate pets, use of pet-safe equipment, and whether they have experience with pet-related logistics.

● When choosing movers, consider asking specific questions about their pet policies.

● Inquire about their ability to transport pets securely, if they have experience handling pets, and whether they offer services like pet-friendly packaging materials or crates.

When the new home is not ready for immediate occupancy or if you're moving long-distance, U. Santini Moving and Storage recommends getting a storage unit that can serve as a safe, climate-controlled space to keep your belongings and your pets' essentials. This allows your pet to stay in a familiar environment while you handle the logistics of the move. Suppose you're downsizing or need to declutter before settling into your new space. In that case, a storage unit provides a convenient solution for temporarily storing items that may not fit in your new home but are valuable or sentimental.


Relocate Safely With Your Pet and Keep Them Contained When Relocating

One of the most important home-buying and moving tips for pet parents is to make sure your pet's collar has up-to-date ID tags with your contact information. During the move, keep your pet in a safe and quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle. It could be a designated room in your old or new home or a well-ventilated crate if your pet is comfortable in one. This reduces stress and prevents accidental escapes. When traveling, secure your pet with proper restraints in the car. Use pet seat belts or carriers designed for cars to keep them safe and minimize distractions while driving.

Provide familiar items like their favourite toys, bedding, and food/water bowls to ease their anxiety. Stick to their regular feeding and bathroom schedule to maintain routine. Plan rest stops for bathroom breaks, exercise, and hydration if you're moving long-distance. Bring essentials like water, food, and a leash for these breaks. Remember that pets may need some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Gradually introduce them to different areas of the new home, allowing them to explore at their own pace.

Research Pet-Friendly Businesses and Pet Services

When purchasing a home as a pet parent, don't forget to research pet services and pet-friendly businesses nearby. This diligent exploration can greatly enhance the quality of life for both you and your furry companion. Start by identifying local veterinarians and pet clinics to ensure your pet's health needs can be met conveniently. Proximity to emergency veterinary care can be crucial in unexpected medical situations.

Furthermore, look for groomers, pet supply stores, and pet-friendly parks or trails nearby. Easy access to these amenities simplifies daily routines and provides opportunities for your pet to socialize and exercise. Remember to consider pet daycare or boarding facilities if required. Having trustworthy options nearby can be a lifesaver when work commitments or travel plans arise.

Look for Pet-Friendly Neighbourhoods With Nearby Parks and Green Spaces

When searching for the ideal home as a pet parent, it's essential to focus on pet-friendly neighbourhoods with nearby parks and green spaces. These areas offer a place to call home and a haven for your furry friend to thrive. Living in a pet-friendly neighbourhood means fewer restrictions and more opportunities for you and your pet to enjoy the community together without unnecessary hurdles.

Proximity to parks and green spaces is equally crucial. These areas nearby provide a convenient and easily accessible space for your pet to exercise, socialize, and expend their boundless energy. Regular trips to parks can also strengthen the bond between you and your pet while offering them mental and physical stimulation.

Home buying and moving tips for pet parents can make your relocation easier

As pet owners, our primary concern is ensuring their comfort, safety, and happiness. When you follow these home-buying and moving tips for pet parents, you can significantly minimize the stress and anxiety they may experience. In addition, you'll know you found the perfect home for both of you.

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