How to Sell a House that Didn't Sell

Why Most Homes Listed for Sale Don't Sell and What to Do About It!

If your home has just come off the market and has yet to sell, don't be discouraged. The reason your home did not sell may have nothing to do with your home or the market. In reality, your home may have been one of the more desirable properties for sale.

So Why Didn't Your Home Sell?

Last year, almost half of the homes listed for sale never sold at all, and many sellers found that there was a tremendous amount a homeowner needed to be educated on to sell their home for top dollar in the shortest time period.

There are three main reasons why your home did not sell, and those are:

1) Something is Significantly Wrong With the Condition or Location of the Home 

2) Pricing

3) Marketing

Now, the odds that there is something wrong with your home's condition and/or location are slim, and your home not selling is usually due to the price being too high or poor marketing. 

Many realtors use the passive approach when marketing a home. They will put it on the MLS and place a for sale sign on the front lawn, and they will wait around and hope it sells. Our team uses a different approach as we are proactive about marketing your home! 

51% of buyers found their home online, so it is crucial that we market your home to these buyers! Additionally, we ensure that EVERYWHERE a buyer could be looking for a home, your home is there!! 

To learn more about our aggressive marketing strategy or to learn how to easily increase the value of your home, fill out the form below or call us at 780-462-5002!

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