7 Tips to Make Your New Home Safe and Secure

Although it is enjoyable to buy a new home, the path there might be challenging and extended, and of course, you want to buy the home everybody wants. Additionally, a lot of work is needed when the transaction finishes. For new homeowners, taking the time to look at homes, complete the paperwork, and change mailing addresses is exhausting. Amid everything going on, it's simple to let issues about home security fall through the cracks. But this is one of the most crucial actions to perform when moving. Newly acquired homes are sometimes a favorite target for burglars. To begin with, new homeowners occasionally move their possessions in before they start living there. But first, you need to make your new home safe and secure. 

7 Key Tips to Make Your New Home Safe and Secure

Installing security measures is undoubtedly less enjoyable than decorating your new house. However, since a burglary occurs every 30 seconds, home security should be a primary concern. Here are 7 essential tips you should do immediately to safeguard your new home so you can get back to the fun stuff.

Replace the locks

You should first ask yourself how to research an area before buying a house. Although it may appear small, new homeowners frequently ignore it. When relocating to a new home, you should change the locks on all outside doors. Why? Because there’s no knowing who still has a key to your home. You have no idea who received a duplicate key from the former owners, including past house cleaners, repairmen, neighbors, and friends. You never know who might have your keys and use them for malicious purposes. Avoid taking that chance. Call a reliable locksmith to rekey the house as soon as you relocate.

Door lock with a key

Replace the locks on your outside doors to make your new home safe and secure.

Set up an alarm

One of the most reliable ways to make your new home safe and secure is to install an alarm system. You may be sure to discover a local or national home security system that suits your demands and budget because dozens, if not hundreds, of options, are available. Strongly advise phoning the security system provider to set up an installation appointment before moving into your new house. Also, remember that you can set up a few alarm systems. Put a security sign in your front yard and security system stickers on your windows as soon as your alarm system is set up. 

Install motion-activated lighting

You and your family will feel more secure if motion detector lighting is installed on the property, especially at night. Any bright lights on your heels will rapidly deter thieves if they decide to strike in the dark. You should mount motion-activated floodlights on your house's front, rear, and sides, especially in locations where it would be simple to conceal an intruder. In this way, you can thoroughly investigate if a light goes off outside at night. A base of different providers and services, like Consumer Opinion experts, advice you to use, can help you find the best solution for home security overall. 

When traveling, hide your mail

The last thing you want when you're away from home is a mountain of mail spilling out of your mailbox or a pile of packages remaining on the front step for several hours. That frequently gives would-be burglars strong indications that no one is home, exposing your residence. Therefore, we strongly advise taking care of your mail in advance if you're going to be gone for a few days. The simplest solution is to merely ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail once every day.

Add a video doorbell

Did you know that most home burglars start by ringing the victim's doorbell? They can check to see if anyone is at home in this way. Even though the tactic is among the oldest in the book, thieves still frequently use it. Fortunately, smart doorbell gadgets are now available to make it appear like you are home even when you are not. Install a video doorbell when moving into a new home to see who is at the door before you open it. Find a doorbell that lets you communicate with visitors by seeing, hearing, and speaking to them from anywhere you are. However, there are some home security mistakes that you need to research to avoid unnecessary slips, so make sure you know them.

A round white security camera

When moving into a new house, install a security camera to see who is knocking on the door before you unlock it.

Your yard should be landscaped

Unbelievably, how you landscape your yard can significantly impact your property's safety. Police officials at Tulane University allegedly stated that homes surrounded by overgrown hedges and shrubs make excellent targets for thieves, according to Houzz. Large bushes near windows make it harder for burglars to enter a house undetected by neighbors or bystanders because they reduce the view from the street. According to Houzz, you should trim and prune all plants and hedges to a height of three feet or less. 

Put the TVs and lights on timers

It is common knowledge that thieves do not want to be apprehended. Therefore, they probably won't bother breaking into the house if they even suspect someone could be at home. In light of this, it's crucial to set timers for your lights and TV when you're away, especially around the holidays. By doing this, a burglary will never take place in the first place. The question is how to light your home for an evening viewing. Install timers for numerous interior lights close to the windows. You can often set a timer to turn on and off using your television. 

A house with lights turned on

Setting timers for your lights and TV while you're gone is essential, especially during the holidays.


It doesn't have to be challenging to figure out how to make your new home safe and secure. Start by utilizing these tips. You don't have to complete everything at once, so unwind. Choose the most crucial techniques for you, and then establish a strategy to include the others later. The best way to protect your home and loved ones are to be aware of potential security hazards and to act quickly.

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