What is a Utility Right of Way & Why is it Important When I Buy a Home?

what is a utility right of way

A utility right of way is an area of land that grants utility companies the legal right to access and maintain their infrastructure, such as power lines, gas pipes, or water mains, which may be located on or beneath the property.

It's important when buying a home because it ensures that utility companies have the necessary access to maintain and repair their equipment without needing your explicit permission each time. This can affect the use and development of the land, so it's crucial to be aware of any existing utility right of way before purchasing a property. This is important in the event you had planned to build or develop something on the right of way as it would not be permitted. For example, I have seen home owners build a garage on a utility right of way and when it came time to sell they had to have the garage moved at a significant cost.

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