Edmonton Real Estate Update |NOVEMBER 2023

Market Shift or Seasonal Slow Down?

The market is slowing down this month. Does that mean that there is a shift occurring in the market, or is it just a seasonal slowdown? Toronto has been seeing some significant price reductions, deals falling through, and a lot of people are walking away from $100,000 plus deposits because they can no longer get their financing since interest rates have gone up. There is a lot of panic going on in the market.

So, what does that mean for Edmonton? Are we in a similar situation? What are the statistics showing? Don't worry if you can't make sense of the pictorials below. Keep scrolling to watch our video, where we go over what the latest statistics are showing with you and explain the impact they may have on your future real estate plans! 

October 2023 Market Stats- Edmonton Real Estate

October 2023 Market Update- Edmonton Real Estate

Check out Edmonton's Real Estate Market and What Happened in the Month of October 2023! 

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