A woman holding a magnifying glass over a white kitchen inspecting it!

Home buyers are as individual as the homes they plan on purchasing. They will want to know your home inside and out to ensure the home they will call their own is as good beneath the surface, as it may appear to be on the outside. 

Just as important as preparing your home to sell, to clean the house, paint, shampoo, the carpets, etc. It's also important to make sure your home is structurally sound as well. Questions buyers will be asking include: Will the roof end up leaking? Is the wiring safe? What about the plumbing? These and other questions will be what buyers are thinking of when they visit your home. Most will seek professional help for the answers. 

According to industry experts, there are at least 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during a home inspection. I can tell you that the best way to avoid a problem that can scuttle the sale of your home at the last minute is to prepare for it. In most cases, you can make a reasonable pre-inspection yourself or hire a home inspector to do a pre-inspection of your home. To show potential buyers, taking this step can help sell your home faster and for more money because your potential buyers will feel more at ease about putting an offer on your home. Of course, they may want to do their own home inspection, but at the very least your home will stand above the competition. 

We debunk some common home inspection myths in our video below! Just click below to learn who is responsible for post-inspection repairs!

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