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Words Matter.

The Dwight Streu Real Estate Team have written thousands of real estate ads. Only a fraction of a small percentage of agents worldwide have special licensing access rights to use a leading edge software program to create ads and other materials to present properties in the best light possible that attract more buyers. The Dwight Streu Real Estate Team personally writes or approves every ad, every flyer, every web site, for every property – including yours.

Consider this simple example

Backyard With Mountain Views

There is one letter – not even a word – one letter that makes a significant difference.

Further, there are over 200 descriptive words to choose from, to put in front of Mountain Views.

Tranquil Mountain Views
Private Mountain Views
Breathtaking Mountain Views

Different descriptive words attract different types of buyers, prepared to pay different prices. There is a SCIENCE to this, perfected by The Dwight Streu Real Estate Team and put to work to sell your home for the most money in your time frame!

Dwight Streu Real Estate Team
Edmonton Real Estate Ads - Edmonton Realtor


The Word Wizard Behind The Curtain

The software program used by the Dwight Streu Real Estate Team to craft the perfect ad, flyer, postcard, web site posting, etc. was developed over five years, at an investment of more than $250,000. Only a fraction of a percentage of agents have it. Dwight Streu is one of only a few agents in North America paying licensing fees to use it.*

Fortune 500 companies willingly and eagerly pay big bucks to have Ad Copy Professionals write the ads that create demand for their services or products. Now you can have the same professional level of experience working for your home sale. The Dwight Streu Real Estate Team knows the Science behind marketing and ad copy; the science that can produce more demand for your home. By creating more demand, your home sells for more money and faster.


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